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Hello Cleaning World: GERMS

March 7, 2017

PUBLIC BATHROOMSThe problem:Contrary to popular belief, that door handle isn't the worst offender. ​The main worries include the floor-90% of shoes have fecal matter on the bottom, which gets tracked in and the tops and sides of bathroom stall doors. Because people are avoiding latches, they then touch these spots. Another suprise? According to a study from the Journal of Applied Microbiology that compared germ dispersal by paper towels, warm air dryers and jet dryers, jet dryers sprayed substantially more viruses, some almost 10 feet from dryer.WHAT CAN YOU DO:Avoid setting purses, bags or anything on the floor. If you do, clean them (and whatever you do, don't set them on kitchen counters, where they can transfer germs to food). Use the latches on stall doors and opt for paper towels over jet dryers.

Hello Cleaning World!

August 21, 2016

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT people are not your most important asset - the right people are.When defining the quality of a potential new employee, knowledge, attitude and whether they are a good fit for your company is vital. You cannot train for these qualities they must exist.Can you identify others in this position that are the best? What makes these people so good? For example, prioritize these characteristics:Are they reliable and dependable?Do they "take care of it"?Do they do what needs to be done?Do they have pride of ownership in their job?Stop by regularly to learn more about our business and stay updated on our industry. Click “Profile” above to visit our homepage and learn more about our business, or send a message and say hello!