Draft a Return-to-Work Cleaning Plan

Posted at 4:18 pm on 06/25/2020 by Poskin
return-to-work cleaning plan

In the post-pandemic world, cleaning is going to be different. Whether you need to increase cleaning and disinfection levels or decrease your cleaning budget spending after your pandemic response, one thing is clear—there is going to be change. The ability to quickly develop and implement proven strategies to meet this change is critical to your organization’s success. As this new reality unfolds, organizations need to have a robust return-to-work cleaning plan that clearly outlines what a return to business entails.   Here are elements  to include in your  plan to achieve desired outcomes during the recovery phase.

Initial assessment

The arrival of the global pandemic has demanded cleaning organizations dive deep into operations, expectations, and outcomes. New outcomes may be complicated to understand as organizations search to find answers and definition from numerous sources. 

Workloading and transparency

In the new reality, be sure your cleaning plan matches the correct number of people and appropriate types of resources to the necessary tasks and functions. Some cleaning organizations will need to significantly increase cleaning frequencies to continuously combat coronavirus risk. Your new cleaning plan must be workloaded to clean and disinfect the built environment while being transparent to users more than ever before.

Worker training

Empower your workers with classroom and hands-on training specific to the tools, equipment, chemicals, and personal protective equipment (PPE) they will use. Ensure the training also includes your organization’s pandemic response plan. Training helps staff understand why their work is critical to the health and welfare of building occupants and guests that utilize the space they clean.

As our country shifts toward reopening, the cleaning community must focus on how its plans affect the safety and health of clients. Traditional cleaning plans, whether executed internally or with outside resources, must evolve to new standards set as a result of the pandemic. Be prepared for change and flexibility when executing your new cleaning plan.

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